About COhatch and COhatch+

From brick and mortar locations to digital community, we are focused on building an ecosystem that equips you to be greater while strengthening communities and improving the lives of people where we work, meet, and live.

Physical Locations to Digital Community

Why COhatch+ Just Makes Sense We have always wanted an easy way to tie in all that we offer for our members and community. We offer so many awesome perks, discounts, and community spaces that it has been a challenge to bring all of what we offer to the table. Now with COhatch+, we can finally make it easy to become the best version of your self in every part of your life.

Meet up and network through COhatch, digitally and physically.

Meet up in-person with your associations, organizations, and hobbyists at your local COhatch by booking through your COhatch+ Neighborhoods.

Get the most out of our member perks.

As a COhatch member, you have access to discounted vacation homes like Sandy Pants (our member beach house in Florida) or our member booking for Disney Resorts. Now you'll be able to book and get discounted rates through COhatch+.

Advertise your business through COhatch.

Generate awareness for your business in-person at COhatch workshops and events and list your business on COhatch+ for the entire COhatch ecosystem to learn more about what you do.

Book your COhatch Family Fun!

You've always had access to family fun perks including our game rooms, movie theaters, bounce house, and sports simulators through your Community Manager, but soon you'll be able to reserve your family perks through COhatch+.

Get the resources you need through COhatch.

Whether you're a local startup or nonprofit, you can get the resources you need through our Impact Scholarship Programs that give you free access to our spaces. But that's not all! Through COhatch+, you'll be able to RSVP to local workshops and events, apply for other education or incubator programs, and fundraise through our Startup and Investor Clubs.

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